Saturday, 20 January 2018

B-10 Jud's Trophy FNSI

Lucky me got to sew for longer as the weather has kept me indoors. This has the tiniest pieces, I was scared I 'd sneeze and lose them.
The block is not wonky , my camera work is. There was also some unpicking as I got the print round the wrong way, twice.
I have at last sorted out out the next couple of blocks but need to finish the prep.

Monday, 15 January 2018

B9 Tinker Toy

A lovely fussy cut block, easy to hand sew.
Not the best photo though, it doesn't show the true colours. The weather has deteriorated to awful. Not looking forward to my walk.

B8 Water Lily

I forgot to post this earlier. I love this block, so pretty. I need to practice my applique though, it's pulled a bit on the background. This is before pressing.

 It is raining and overcast, which means it feels colder. I need to refill the bird feeders. They have been very popular recently.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

FNWF results

Friday evening. I managed to sew these pieces together, now to tack the melons for the corners. I had been good prepping the next few blocks but I couldn't resist sewing this easier block. It will look better when pressed.
Sunday afternoon. I have yet to visit other blogs, perhaps after tea, before ironing. I have been trying to cram reluctant imitation Christmas trees back into their boxes.
I hope to sew tomorrow as well. It was a cold walk round the block with the ice and frost not melting very much.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Dear Jane B5, B6, B7

Happy New Year.
I've not finished embellishing my crazy quilt block but needed some hand sewing over the holidays. I dug out Dear Jane. These blocks look better in real life than my poor photos on an overcast late afternoon.

Now to prep some more. I need to try some triangles, rather than leave them to the end.
Tomorrow if the weather improves I must work at my allotment. It has been sadly neglected whilst I suffered with THE head cold and Christmas.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Caught the sneezes

Sorry no photo of my bleary eyes or sniffling nose. Now I know why I was so tired and feeling rotten, just a cold. Still, just one more day to get through, delivering books to those who can't get to the library and then grand children in the afternoon.
So here's a quick photo of my crazy block.
Just more roses to add and the leaves and petals to tack down but not tonight, off to bed.

Monday, 11 December 2017

FNS results

Late as usual, we have problems with our internet again. Hopefully it will stay on long enough to post this. I finally managed the the Fargo roses and on Friday evening I started the fly stitch roses and stab stitch leaves. These I like, I'm not good at them but I like the odd good rose I sew. So practice, practice practice.
Now to visit some other blogs whilst the maid ( washing machine ) washes the bath towels. We were lucky and didn't get a lot of snow, we were on the edge. It is so cold though, it is not melting. 
I have put my wellies on and fed the birds and given them fresh water. Getting the frozen block of water out first is always fun. I won't be lighting the fire today as we are on Grand children duty, walking home from school and feeding them.